Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday, at the end of a long week AND Zomibe ants!!!!

Today it's back to arting, working on a custom box now for a very dedicated art patron. Just getting the basics installed in the box today (carpet (felt), wallpaper with adorable bunny trim (hopefully)).

This week has been rather busy for me! There is always a bit of a brief pause after I finish one project, the last finished project happened Wednesday morning with "Turf War".  Then Wednesday evening I had my first rock climbing lesson, which I was totally into and am very excited to pursue! I even went out on Thursday and bought some resistance training exercisey stuff to strengthen up my forearms and hands since that was the part of my body that got tired/worn out first. There is this weird squishy ball that came with some other stuff and I'm totally addicted to it! It's supposed to help with stress too so I think I will be taking it to work and keeping it in one hand at all times!!!  Thursday I attended the first day of open house at UMN, where I have been accepted to the Master of Fine Arts program. Then Friday it was round 2 of open house at UMN which lasted from 9am to 7pm! It was a good but very LONG day.  I'm very excited about the school, program, and the people there. Later today it will be off to see the rollergirls. Tomorrow it's back to work (like actual regular paycheck job work).....

Thanks to National Geographic for the following interesting bit of info! :

Fungus in the Brazilian rain forest is turning ants into zombies!! It can take over an ant and then control its brain, spreading infection and guiding the ant to an anchoring spot for the fungus to grow (pictured above) when it totally overcomes and kills the ant then uses the ant's body for sustenance. The fungus has some pretty sophisticated means of spreading too. An infected ant can develop little infectious spines on its body that can then infect other ants if it brushes against one OR, get this, a dead ant can practically be turned into a little land mine with exploding, infectious spores that are activated by unsuspecting passersby!!!

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